Sunday, March 1, 2009


At 8:15pm I had a great story.

At 8:20pm It was gone.

The doctor had called.....

4 Hours Earlier:

Getting into work today the initial plan was to do a winter weather storm piece.  Seeing how it wasn't snowing and wouldn't be snowing for another 24 hours that plan was scrapped and we moved to the story of a fund raiser for the Roland Park Fire House, the oldest in the city.  The story started well with my reporter and I visiting the firehouse and hearing about all the repairs that needed to be made and then moved to the event hall two blocks away where the community was holding a chili cookoff in an attempt to raise money for the firehouse.  Now there's one way into all photographer's hearts and that is through their stomach.  Needless to say free delicious chili made the day go very well.

Upon leaving the event we get a frantic call from our frizzled assignment desk worker saying that WBAL had gotten an interview with the doctor from Baltimore who is charged in an assisted suicide case in Georgia.  We were instructed to try to go to this guys house in Hampden and try to get some sound as well.  

Well, surprise surprise the good doctor was not home.  We left a message and went back to the firehouse story.  

We probably aren't back for more than 10 minutes before the scanners blare:

*Truck 2, Engine 44, Battalion Chief 2 respond.  3200 block of Beeche Ave. for the report of a building fire.  Operations on Charlie 1*

I'm back out the door.  

The fire is right around the corner off of Keswick in that inbetween Hampden-Remington area. 

Great Stuff.

Smoke still billowing out when I get there.  Plenty of onlookers to just run up to and interview.  Hampden always gives the best sound.  

Well who do I see respond to this fire but none other than the crew from the Roland Park firehouse.  The same ones that a fundraiser was held for earlier today.   Visions of awards immediately start dancing through my head.  What a great day-turn this will be.  Not only do we have the benefit for the firefighters but we also have them in action.  Helping the community.  Showing what this fundraiser was all about.  To keep this unit local and to allow them to continue to serve the public.  Its great.  It seems like a winner.  I'm pumped.  

The doctor calls.

Mr. Suicide can now talk.  

Management strips the story.

We're moved. 

There is something very frustrating about having something you care about taken from you without your control.  By the idea of a more important story.  By lack of staffing to send another crew to pick it up.  Instead of having a great story about the economy, the community, and all the intangibles we're on a Dr. Kevorkian wannabe.  At 8:20pm.  The news starts at 10.

The station sacrificed a winner for a vosot.  (Voice over/Sound on Tape.  Not a full story)  I think Dr. Suicide was a meaningful and interesting story.  I'm frustrated that mine was taken from me.  Both of which could have made air if we had one more nightside shooter tonight.  

That's too easy though.

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